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Market Holidays

Market Holidays

Stay informed about crucial market holidays with the assistance of PIPWISE.

The operation of global financial markets is influenced not only by their official trading hours but also by national bank holidays. During these holidays, certain markets may close earlier, and specific assets may become temporarily unavailable for trading.

It is imperative for every trader engaged in the financial markets to keep track of the financial market holiday calendar. This is because holidays typically lead to reduced volatility in the financial markets. However, immediately following these holidays, as the markets reopen activity surges significantly, which can expose novice traders to substantial risks.

Here, you can find the schedule of financial market holidays.

SwitzerlandCHF9-May-24Schweizerische NationalbankAscension Day
GermanyEUR9-May-24BundesbankAscension Day
FranceEUR9-May-24Bank of FranceAscension Day
SpainEUR13-May-24Bank of spainSaint Peter de Regalado
SpainEUR15-May-24Bank of spainFeast of St. Isidro
SpainEUR17-May-24Bank of spainGalician Literature Day
CanadaCAD20-May-24Bank of CanadaNational Patriots’ Day
CanadaCAD20-May-24Bank of CanadaVictoria Day
SwitzerlandCHF20-May-24Schweizerische NationalbankWhit Monday
GermanyEUR20-May-24BundesbankWhit Monday
SpainEUR20-May-24Bank of spainWhit Monday
FranceEUR20-May-24Bank of FranceWhit Monday
United KingdomGBP27-May-24Bank of EnglandSpring Bank Holiday
United StatesUSD27-May-24Federal Reserve systemMemorial Day
SwitzerlandCHF30-May-24Schweizerische NationalbankCorpus Christi
GermanyEUR30-May-24BundesbankCorpus Christi
SpainEUR30-May-24Bank of spainCanary Islands Day
SpainEUR30-May-24Bank of spainCorpus Christi
SpainEUR31-May-24Bank of spainCastilla-La Mancha Day
ItalyEUR2-Jun-24Bank of italyRepublic Day
AustraliaAUD3-Jun-24Reserve Bank of AustraliaWestern Australia Day
New ZealandNZD4-Jun-24Bank of New Zealand ReserveKing’s Birthday
SpainEUR9-Jun-24Bank of spainDay of Murcia
AustraliaAUD10-Jun-24Reserve Bank of AustraliaKing’s Birthday
ChinaCNY10-Jun-24People’s Bank Of ChinaDragon Boat Festival
SpainEUR10-Jun-24Bank of spainLa Rioja Day (in lieu)
SpainEUR13-Jun-24Bank of spainFeast of St. Anthony
SpainEUR17-Jun-24Bank of spainEid El Kebir
United StatesUSD17-Jun-24Federal Reserve systemJuneteenth
United StatesUSD19-Jun-24Federal Reserve systemJuneteenth
CanadaCAD21-Jun-24Bank of CanadaNational Indigenous Peoples Day
SwitzerlandCHF23-Jun-24Schweizerische NationalbankFête d’Indépendance
CanadaCAD24-Jun-24Bank of CanadaJune Day
CanadaCAD24-Jun-24Bank of CanadaThe National Holiday of Quebec
SpainEUR24-Jun-24Bank of spainFeast of St. John the Baptist
ItalyEUR24-Jun-24Bank of italyFeast of St. John the Baptist
New ZealandNZD28-Jun-24Bank of New Zealand ReserveMatariki
SwitzerlandCHF29-Jun-24Schweizerische NationalbankSaint Peter and Saint Paul
ItalyEUR29-Jun-24Bank of italySaint Peter and Saint Paul
CanadaCAD1-Jul-24Bank of CanadaCanada Day
United StatesUSD4-Jul-24Federal Reserve systemIndependence Day
CanadaCAD9-Jul-24Bank of CanadaNunavut Day
United KingdomGBP12-Jul-24Bank of EnglandBattle of the Boyne
FranceEUR14-Jul-24Bank of FranceBastille Day
ItalyEUR15-Jul-24Bank of italyFeast of St. Rosalia
JapanJPY15-Jul-24Bank of JapanMarine Day
SpainEUR25-Jul-24Bank of spainSt. James’ Day
SpainEUR28-Jul-24Bank of spainDay of Cantabria Institutions
SwitzerlandCHF1-Aug-24Schweizerische NationalbankNational Day
AustraliaAUD5-Aug-24Reserve Bank of AustraliaPicnic Day
CanadaCAD5-Aug-24Bank of CanadaCivic Day
CanadaCAD5-Aug-24Bank of CanadaCivic Holiday
CanadaCAD5-Aug-24Bank of CanadaHeritage Day
SpainEUR5-Aug-24Bank of spainOur Lady of Africa
United KingdomGBP5-Aug-24Bank of EnglandSummer bank holiday
JapanJPY12-Aug-24Bank of JapanMountain Day
AustraliaAUD14-Aug-24Reserve Bank of AustraliaEkka People’s Day
SwitzerlandCHF15-Aug-24Schweizerische NationalbankAssumption Day
GermanyEUR15-Aug-24BundesbankAssumption Day
SpainEUR15-Aug-24Bank of spainAssumption Day
FranceEUR15-Aug-24Bank of FranceAssumption Day
ItalyEUR15-Aug-24Bank of italyFerragosto
CanadaCAD19-Aug-24Bank of CanadaDiscovery Day
United KingdomGBP26-Aug-24Bank of EnglandAugust Bank Holiday
CanadaCAD2-Sep-24Bank of CanadaLabour Day
SpainEUR2-Sep-24Bank of spainCeuta Day
United StatesUSD2-Sep-24Federal Reserve systemLabor Day
SwitzerlandCHF5-Sep-24Schweizerische NationalbankJeûne genevois
SpainEUR8-Sep-24Bank of spainDay of Extremadura (in lieu)
SpainEUR8-Sep-24Bank of spainFeast of Our Lady of Victories
SwitzerlandCHF9-Sep-24Schweizerische NationalbankKnabenschiessen
SpainEUR11-Sep-24Bank of spainNational Day of Catalonia
SwitzerlandCHF15-Sep-24Schweizerische NationalbankSwiss Federal Fast
SpainEUR15-Sep-24Bank of spainLady of Aparecida
SwitzerlandCHF16-Sep-24Schweizerische NationalbankBettagsmontag
ChinaCNY16-Sep-24People’s Bank Of ChinaMid-Autumn Festival Holiday
JapanJPY16-Sep-24Bank of JapanRespect for the Aged Day
ChinaCNY17-Sep-24People’s Bank Of ChinaMid-Autumn Festival
SpainEUR17-Sep-24Bank of spainDay of Melilla
ItalyEUR19-Sep-24Bank of italyFeast of St. Gennaro
GermanyEUR20-Sep-24BundesbankWorld Children’s Day
SwitzerlandCHF22-Sep-24Schweizerische NationalbankSt Mauritius’ Day
AustraliaAUD23-Sep-24Reserve Bank of AustraliaKing’s Birthday
JapanJPY23-Sep-24Bank of JapanAutumnal Equinox Day
New ZealandNZD23-Sep-24Bank of New Zealand ReserveSouth Canterbury Day
SpainEUR24-Sep-24Bank of spainLa Mercè
SwitzerlandCHF25-Sep-24Schweizerische NationalbankSaint Nicholas of Flüe
AustraliaAUD27-Sep-24Reserve Bank of AustraliaGrand Final Eve
CanadaCAD30-Sep-24Bank of CanadaNational Day for Truth and Reconciliation